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Dairy Cow Hoof Trimming Guide

Dairy hoof being trimmed.
Dr. Daryl Kleinschmit

Lead Researcher – Dairy
Zinpro Corporation

For more information, download our full Dairy Hoof Trimming Guide.

Proper functional and therapeutic hoof trimming in dairy cattle can reduce and help prevent lameness in dairy cows and can also improve productivity and overall animal wellness. Research shows that cows with healthy, pain-free hooves stay in the herd longer, have higher milk production and generate more long-term profit.

The steps in this guide should only be done by properly trained personnel, so choose a highly-skilled hoof trimmer.

The Five-Step Dutch Hoof Trimming Method

For more information on dairy hoof trimming, including the equipment you’ll need, common causes of infectious lesions and how to identify the five most common claw lesions, download our Dairy Hoof Trimming Guide or watch our Dairy Hoof Trimming Video.

Four Precision Dairy Farming Technologies That Are Changing the Industry

Precision dairy farming utilizes the latest technology to help dairy producers make important decisions about their cows’ health and their dairy cattle nutrition programs. Check out these four precision dairy farming technologies that are changing the way we collect data in the dairy industry.

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Controlling Ketosis in Dairy Cows

Ketosis in dairy cows can have a negative impact on peak milk production, dairy cow reproduction and body condition score. Learn how to control ketosis in dairy cows with proper transition cow management strategies and performance trace minerals.

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Reduce Somatic Cell Count, Minimize Mastitis in Dairy Cows with Performance Trace Minerals

High somatic cell counts, often accompanied by mastitis, can lower milk yield and milk quality on your dairy operation. Learn how performance trace minerals can help reduce somatic cell counts and minimize mastitis in dairy cows.

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