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Performance Trace Minerals Help Improve Broiler Performance

Broiler breeders in a group.
Dr. Marco Rebollo, DVM

Lead Researcher – Poultry
Zinpro Corporation

A feed supplement must pay for itself, otherwise there’s little point to including that product in feed formulations. Performance trace minerals can help broiler producers economically improve bird performance and generate a healthy return on investment.

Research studies with Zinpro Performance Minerals® have been conducted around the world, and this trace mineral research has demonstrated improved feed conversion rates and breast-meat yield in broilers.

Data from 22 studies conducted under different conditions and with different diets and genetic lines have shown that the feed/gain ratio is consistently improved when feeding performance trace minerals, such as Availa®Zn, compared to feeding the control diet. Feed conversion for broilers fed diets containing Availa-Zn averaged 3.9 points lower than those fed other zinc supplements (zinc sulfate), based on analysis of 22 data sets. This improved animal-performance response represents substantial savings for poultry producers.

Graph showing trace minerals impact on feed-to-gain ratio

The results for breast-meat yield with Zinpro Performance Minerals have been evaluated in 27 studies. The percentage of breast-meat yield was 0.34 percent higher in chickens that received zinc from Availa-Zn compared to those fed the control diets containing zinc sulfate.

These two research summaries show improved feed conversion and that feeding Zinpro Performance Minerals helps convert the feed into high value muscle.

Graph showing trace minerals impact on breast-meat yield.

Not all trace minerals are the same; some are not completely absorbed, and others may interact with feed ingredients in the diet. At a time when the poultry industry needs to economically produce more meat for less cost and the price of doing business is on the increase, Zinpro Performance Minerals offer a research-proven way for producers to improve the return on their investment.

To learn more about how feeding performance trace minerals can lower feed conversion rates and increase breast-meat yield in broilers, contact your Zinpro representative today.

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