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The Financial and Health Impact of Lameness in Cattle

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Learn more about the Step-Up® Management Program for Beef Cattle and how to manage lameness in cattle at


Identify and Manage Lameness in Cattle

Correctly diagnosing the specific types of lameness in cattle in the feedlot is key to implementing the correct course of treatment and developing a prevention program. Learn how the beef cattle lameness decision tree can help you correctly identify beef cattle hoof lesions.

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Performance Trace Minerals Improve Embryonic Survival and Beef Cattle Reproduction

Past research shows that performance trace minerals improve overall beef cattle reproduction success. Discover how supplementing beef cattle nutrition with Availa®4 helps improve embryonic survival in heifers.

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Performance Trace Minerals: A Category of One

Performance trace minerals help animal producers keep sustainability and animal wellness at the forefront while still maintaining a profitable operation. Learn how Zinpro Performance Minerals® are more absorbable than inorganic and organic trace minerals and are a category of one.

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