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How Trimming Pig Hooves Helps in the Prevention of Swine Lameness

lameness question screen shot
Dr. Zachary Rambo

Global RNS Species Leader – Swine
Zinpro Corporation

To learn more about trimming pig hooves, watch the How To: Step-by-Step Guide to Pig Hoof Trimming to Help Prevent Lameness video.

Reduce Sow and Piglet Mortality to Improve Productivity and Profitability

Healthy sows breed healthy piglets. Learn how performance trace mineral nutrition and good management can reduce sow and piglet mortality and, therefore, improve productivity and profitability for your swine operation.

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Performance Trace Minerals Help Reduce Direct and Indirect Costs of Sow Mortality

The direct and indirect costs of sow mortality can add up in a hurry for a swine producer. Learn how performance trace minerals can reduce sow mortality rates, therefore improving profitability in your operation.

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Performance Trace Minerals Enhance Immune Function

Good trace mineral nutrition is key to preventing viral infections and stopping viruses from replicating. Learn why performance trace minerals are better at improving immune function than inorganic sources.

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